When tourists think about Costa Rica, It’s quite natural for them to imagine natural beauty, scenery, gardens, rivers, rainforests, beaches, and more. National Park Irazu Volcano Sector Prusia is among one the most beautiful attractions of Costa Rica. It’s a magical forest, located in Cartago Province of Costa Rica, which is famously known for natural complexes and this forest is one of them.

Coming to Costa Rica and not visiting Prusia Park is a decision you’ll regret once you know how amazing and spectacular this forest is. In this article, we will be discussing all aspects of Parque Nacional Vulcan Irazu, Sector Prusia.

How To Reach?

Several paths are for you to take to reach Prusia park based on your location. Some are discussed below.

  • If you are in San Jose, you can take the “Florencio del Castillo” highway to reach Tierra Blanca. Once you’ve reached, take a road from your current location to the Irazú volcano.
  • If you are someone traveling to Cartago, you can drive to the northeast of the “volcano highway” on a 219 route and from there, reach Tierra Blanca. The next step from this location is the same as above.
  • You can always use a bus route or travel by car. Thanks to tourism, now many agencies help and support tourists, guiding them to reach their desired destination.
  • You can always book a taxi such as Uber and let the driver do the rest.

Fun Activities 

In the Prusia forest, there are many fun-related activities to do either with your friends, or family or just as a couple. Some of the activities include:

  1. Walking the trails

If you are willing to challenge your physical strength and want to walk for an adventure, then walking the trails is a must-have. There are two most popular trails “El Roble and El Ahorcado.” If you are a beginner, then El Roble is good for you as it’s not too steep, doesn’t affect legs much, and does not include any rocks or stones in your path, making your path difficult. El Ahorcado on other hand is difficult but best for adventurous souls.

  1. The Haunted Tree

The most famous tourist attraction in this park is the “haunted tree.” As per the legends, mystical beings exist around the haunted the naked eye of a human cannot see. The haunted tree is located at the Los Abuelos trail. Do take a map or a picture of the map along with you to not get lost.

  1. Mountain of Yellow Flowers

Mountain of yellow flowers also called the “yellow mountain” is a popular attraction where many people come to take pictures and post them online. This popular mountain is within a private property and can be visited from the path leading to the Irazú volcano. This path is 1 km from Duran Sanatorium (once a hospital of tuberculosis, now an attraction). A grant of permission is required before taking photos.


To know more about the park including ticket pricing, lunch, other attractions, and visiting hours, click here.