Are you a fan of nature? Do you wish to visit an enchanting river that feels like a beautiful fantasy? Well, then you would love to know that a magical place like so exists. That’s right!!! Rio Celeste, a magnificent blue river located in Tenorio Volcano National Park of Costa Rica, is the one where you’ll experience the enchanting wonders of nature.

The river features a huge waterfall falling in the large blue pool. However, before visiting this magical place, there are a few things you need to know. In this article, we will be covering some important aspects regarding Rio Celeste.

Rio Celeste, Guanacaste Costa Rica
Rio Celeste, Guanacaste Costa Rica

Hiking Alongside Rio Celeste

Hiking Alongside the river Celeste has been the most favorite thing to do for tourists for decades. The trail of Rio Celeste is 3.7 long and it’s not strenuous. The trip often takes at least three hours to complete. This is because When you hike, your boots will become muddy over time. The mud will result in slowing your hiking trip.

Hikers are advised to wear waterproof hike shoes or boots and be patient before starting their hiking trip. It’s also good if you bring along rain gear (jacket, poncho) to help you cope up with the weather.

In extreme weather conditions, the area might close. Tourists must keep a check on the river to make sure it’s open before taking a visit.

Beautiful Sights along the Trail

During your hiking trip, you’ll see amazing natural beauty. In the first section, the trail is paved, and it leads to a waterfall. Once you continue past the waterfall, the next section begins where you’ll come to either lookout points or mirador. In this section, you’ll see a rainforest and a national park. After this section, you’ll be guided towards Laguna Azul or the Blue Lagoon.

Here, you’ll see the sight of a beautiful turquoise color, giving you the feel of a fairytale. When you follow the blue lagoon, you’ll find Borbollones. The strong Sulphur smell here indicates the existence of hot springs. After this, you’ll cross the hanging bridge and finally will reach Tenideros, where you’ll find a natural wonder by seeing two rivers meet.

Why is Rio Celeste Blue?

As per the legends, it is said that when God painted the sky, the brush with blue color was dipped into this river, giving it a color blue. However, as per science, a chemical reaction is formed in the volcanic soil between carbonate and Sulphur, resulting in a striking turquoise blue color.

Can you Swim in Rio Celeste?

As per the rules and guidelines of Tenorio Volcano National Park, swimming in the celeste river is strictly forbidden. This is because tourists that will come here will be wearing boots covered with mud. The mud will cause the river to lose its charm and blue.

Normally, people make the river dirty while swimming or bathing, not thinking of the mud, the dirt, the food waste, or wrappers they bring will do to the river. To keep its charm and reserve its color, the park decided to not let anyone use the river.